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    The Checkout Lane Newsletter: Equipping Brands to Grow At-Retail

    Sep 23, 2021 | Field Agent Retail News

    CPG professionals have precious few resources tailored specifically to them. Even today, with the glut of digital content and newsletters out there, brand representatives often lack timely, relevant resources to help them deliver results and grow their business.  

    The Checkout Lane by Field Agent, a new monthly newsletter, is out to change that.

    Designed specifically for CPG sales and marketing professionals, The Checkout Lane will deliver industry-specific content, tools, and best practices directly to your inbox every month.

    Its mission? Simple. "Equipping brands to grow at-retail."

    The Checkout Lane will regularly feature…

    • Best practices and quotes from CPG professionals
    • Exclusive audit and/or survey insights
    • Suggested solutions to common retail challenges
    • Curated articles from the larger world of CPG retail
    • Product news and tips to help brands grow

    It’s free. It’s once a month. And, it’s designed just for you, a CPG professional.

    That’s The Checkout Lane by Field Agent.

    Simply click below to subscribe to the newsletter.

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