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    The Postmates Experience: Video of Walmart’s Grocery Delivery Service

    Just last week, Walmart announced the ambitious expansion of its grocery-delivery business, partnering with Postmates to offer delivery in 100 new metropolitan markets, starting with Charlotte, North Carolina.

    It’s the latest volley in the digital-grocery wars, as Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, and host of other players grapple for solid footing in the emerging, online grocery marketplace.

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    But what, exactly, does the new Walmart-Postmates grocery-delivery service look like at the shopper level?



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    Video Insights:

    Walmart-Postmates Grocery Delivery


    Last week, Field Agent enlisted a Charlotte-based agent to purchase at least $30 worth of groceries, including fresh items, from Walmart.com for local, Postmates delivery to her home.

    The video below captures the Walmart-Postmates experience from start to finish, with shopper commentary throughout.



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