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    Watch: Moms Discuss Back to School Shopping Amid a Pandemic

    Back to School (BTS) shopping has always been fraught with challenge. Long lines. Rude shoppers. Out-of-stocks. Whiny kids. Just to name a few.


    Download Field Agent’s free 2020 Back to School Report, based on surveys with 1,443 mothers of K-12 students


    But BTS 2020 is poised to be particularly stressful for shoppers. After all, this year, families will be forced to make ready for a new school year in an environment of…

    • Palpable concern about the spread of COVID-19
    • Economic disruption, high unemployment, and reduced wages
    • And, of course, widespread uncertainty over the coming school year

    Given such challenges, what’s a BTS shopper to do?


    We recently caught up with several mothers of K-12 children to understand their concerns, questions, and suggestions about the approaching BTS shopping season.

    The video below provides insight into shoppers and their feelings about shopping for BTS amid the coronavirus outbreak.



    Of course, there’s much more mom could say about BTS shopping in 2020.

    Actually, there’s much more she did say.


    Based on a survey of 1,443 moms of K-12 students, Field Agent’s free 2020 BTS report is loaded with 35 pages of insight into this year’s BTS shoppers.

    The report explores questions like:

    • Will families spend more or less on BTS this year?
    • Will they shop for supplies and attire in-store or online?
    • What supplies, groceries, etc. do they expect to purchase?
    • What questions, concerns, and suggestions do they have about BTS shopping through an outbreak?
    • How do they expect to alter their shopping behavior this year?

    Download the 2020 BTS report below.

    Back to School Report - Free Download

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