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    Special Report: Back to School 2020 [with Coronavirus Insights]

    We're about to find out what happens when an infectious disease collides with a major shopping season.

    Back to School (BTS), after all, is normally the second largest shopping event of the year, behind only the holidays.BTS 2020 Girl Wearing Mask

    But with the coronavirus pandemic still in full stride, and the uncertainty it’s creating for the approaching school year, many of us are wondering what will happen when COVID-19 finally meets BTS.

    • Will American households scale back—or even ramp up—their BTS spending?
    • How will shopping behavior look different this year, if at all?
    • What do households plan to buy? How? Where?

    Suffice it to say, BTS 2020 is currently cloaked in a great deal of mystery.


    So, in June, Field Agent surveyed 1,443 mothers of K-12 children to understand their attitudes and intentions toward the upcoming BTS shopping season. It's a practice we've kept since 2014. 

    Our 2020 BTS report is packed with 35 pages of insight to help retailers, brands, and other businesses make ready for BTS shoppers. The free report explores questions like:

    • What concerns, suggestions, and questions do households have about shopping for BTS during an outbreak?
    • How do moms expect to alter their BTS shopping in the present environment?
    • Will moms try to avoid stores, moving more of their BTS shopping online?
    • Because of the pandemic, do households expect to shop earlier or later in the season?

    BTS 2020 Pages Preview

    Although such questions are difficult for many moms to answer right now, it’s also true such questions have perhaps never been more important to ask. 

    So, now’s the time. Download Field Agent’s 2020 BTS report to explore what households across the country expect of BTS shopping this year. 

    Whatever it is, it’ll certainly be one for the books.  

    Back to School Report - Free Download

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