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    What Your Shoppers REALLY Want for Christmas 2018 [New Video]

    Christmas wishes.

    They’re the stuff of holiday stories, movies, carols, and dreams—and they’re more than a little magical. 

    But, in Q4, Christmas wishes are also powerful drivers of economic activity. Lots of it. 

    What starts as a wish, after all, often ends as a sale.


    So the billion-dollar question this holiday season is…what do men and women really want for Christmas this year?



    What Men & Women Really Want for Christmas


    As we do each holiday season, Field Agent queried thousands of men and women about their 2018 Christmas wishes. In each case we posed a single free-form question, “What one gift would you most like to receive at Christmas this year?”

    The results appear in our 2018 holiday report, "An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas," which is now available for free download. But with anticipation already building for the holidays, we at Field Agent wanted to offer a fun 'n festive glimpse into what men and women want for Christmas 2018, as both a video (above) and an infographic (below).   

    We hope you enjoy this special look at the top Christmas wishes among adult men and women.  


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    Infographic: Top Christmas Wishes Among Men & Women


    Men and Women 2018 Christmas Wishlist


    Download the 2018 Holiday Report!


    Field Agent’s 2018 holiday insights report, “An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas,” is now available for free download! 

    From surveys with thousands of shoppers, this popular report offers an in-depth look at the plans and expectations of this year's holiday shoppers, including what gifts they're buying, where they're buying them, and how they're buying them.

    Download your free copy now!


    2018 Holiday Insights Report Download

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