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What Men & Women REALLY Want for Christmas 2015

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 24 Nov, 2015

For many, Christmas is a season of guessing, as in…

I guess she’ll like this can opener, or

I guess he’ll like this shoulder bag.

But as these examples suggest, guessing at Christmastime can be a terribly dangerous affair.

As the pioneer in location-specific mobile auditing and research, Field Agent specializes in taking the guesswork out of decision-making. We recently surveyed 500 men and 500 women to identify the gifts adults really want for Christmas this year.

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Do Adults Express, Receive Their Christmas Gift Wishes? [Survey]

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 19 Nov, 2015

Yes, yes, we know. Christmas is all about the kids.

As the song goes, “All for the little ones, Christmas joys.” Emphasis: All.

But what about us adults?

  • Do we, like kids, have our own Christmas wishes?
  • Do we express these wishes to others?
  • Do we ultimately like the gifts we receive at Christmastime?

We conducted a survey of 750 American adults to determine the answers to such questions, which hold relevance for the retail industry and the holiday shopping scene.

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Do Shoppers Spend Less on Everyday Essentials during the Holidays?

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 18 Nov, 2015

The holidays can be lonely. Especially for cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and other “everyday” essentials that stores carry throughout the year.

With the arrival of the holidays, stores reconfigure their prime retail space to promote holiday foods, stocking stuffers, and the season’s hot-selling gifts.

Household essentials, meanwhile, take a back seat.

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Black Friday Scoreboard: A Real-Time Look at Who's Winning Shoppers

Posted by Field Agent on 16 Nov, 2015

What’s the single best way to keep up with all the action this Black Friday…without ever standing in line?

For the second year in a row, Field Agent, the pioneer in mobile audits and research, is conducting its exciting Black Friday Scoreboard.

This live scoreboard and photo feed will allow you to watch the Black Friday action as it happens outside and inside stores, while also tracking which retailers are faring best among holiday shoppers.

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Shoppers in 7 Countries Say They'd Spend More if Stores Did THIS

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 12 Nov, 2015

The retail landscape may differ from one country to another, yet this remains the same:

At the end of the shopping experience, customers must checkout.

Call it a necessary evil.

Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy, explained, “…nobody has found a way to make the cash/wrap [i.e., checkout] lovable…it should be where all the dazzle goes. Instead, it’s the dreariest part of the process.”

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5 Benefits of Getting Global with Mobile

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 11 Nov, 2015

Smartphones have radically changed the way companies collect in-store information (mobile audits) and consumer insights (mobile research).

As mobile audits and research grow in prevalence, multinational companies will increasingly seek out mobile solution-providers with global platforms.

And why not?

If your products, customers, and retail operations are in multiple countries, shouldn’t your mobile auditing and research capabilities be there as well?

From the largest global corporations to the smallest exporting operations, consider just 5 benefits of using an international mobile solution-provider for your audit and research needs. Download this case study for an even closer look at how companies take their mobile global.  

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How Field Agent Audits a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 10 Nov, 2015

With excitement surrounding the release of Star Wars 7 at a fever pitch, we’re eager to demonstrate how Field Agent connects brands with their products and in-store marketing, even in the most “far, far away” locations.

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Veterans Sound Off about Companies' Military Promotions, Marketing [Survey]

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 05 Nov, 2015

Summary: As more companies find creative ways to show their support for service members and veterans, we surveyed 205 current and former members of the U.S. military to understand their attitudes and behaviors toward military-specific marketing and promotions. This article, think of it as a military field guide, presents the findings.

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Build Your Business by Building Your Knowledge of Customers

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 04 Nov, 2015

There’s an old expression in Spain: “To be a bullfighter, you must first learn to be a bull.”

In other words, if you know the bull so well he becomes predictable...you've won.

Now let's amend the above statement to make it applicable to business:

“To be a successful company, you must first learn to be a customer.”

That is, your goal should be to know customers so well that you can consistently and accurately anticipate their attitudes and behaviors. You might say this is the key to business success. 

Above all, know your customers.  

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Mystery Shopping Study Dishes on 180 Casual Dining Restaurants

Posted by Chris Medenwald, PhD on 29 Oct, 2015


It’s been feast or famine for restaurants over the past decade.

After a few years of famine, 2008-2010, the National Restaurant Association projects total industry sales will exceed $709 billion this year.

The dollars are hotly contested. After all, the restaurant industry is hyper competitive, both within segments (Applebee’s vs. Chili’s) and between segments (Casual Dining vs. Fast Casual).

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