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    Field Agent Acquires Shelfgram, Leveraging AI to Close CPG Visibility Gaps

    Since 2010, Field Agent has been at the forefront of transforming retail through our innovative use of crowdsourcing technology. We've empowered brands with best-in-class audits, in-depth insights, compelling product reviews, and on-demand sales solutions. 

    Now, our data intelligence software has expanded exponentially with our crowd of two million real shoppers. Field Agent currently builds 10,000 jobs for clients each month, reviews over five million photos each year, and analyzes six million submitted answers.

    But, our vision extends beyond these offerings. We constantly ask ourselves: How can we further bridge the gap between brands and their retail execution?

    Today, we're thrilled to share the next chapter in this journey. Field Agent has acquired Shelfgram, an innovative shelf-insights platform that's redefining retail operations and management through its AI-powered virtual store-walk technology. We’re excited to offer many ways to close visibility and execution gaps in real time, all from one platform. 

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    Field Agent and Shelfgram: Uniting for Unmatched Retail Insights

    Shelfgram stands out as a pioneering force in retail analytics — offering brands a continuous view of their products on the shelf. By harnessing Agent-submitted photos, AI, geocoding, and heatmap technology, Shelfgram provides a level of shelf transparency that was previously unattainable.

    “Shelfgram's innovative approach to retail visibility is a natural complement to our suite of retail solutions,” said Rick West, CEO and co-founder of Field Agent. “This acquisition not only enhances our offerings but also deepens our commitment to helping brands excel in an increasingly competitive retail landscape.”

    Driving Success in the CPG Space

    The integration of Shelfgram into Field Agent's family of brands (including SimpliField, acquired October 2022) is not just about expanding our services—it's about creating a synergy that amplifies the value we deliver to our clients.

    • Shared Vision: Both Field Agent and Shelfgram are founded on the principle of using technology to solve real-world retail challenges. Already seamlessly connected through the shared retail insights product, this shared vision ensures a simple integration of our services and cultures.
    • Complementary Technologies: Shelfgram's virtual store-walk platform perfectly complements Field Agent's crowdsourced data collection, providing brands with a 360-degree view of their retail presence.
    • Enhanced Analytics: The combination of Field Agent's extensive data and Shelfgram's advanced analytics means more actionable insights for brands, enabling better decision-making and strategic planning.
    • Expanded Reach: Together, we’re able to solve more of the retail visibility and execution issues that our clients face. 

    Looking Forward

    As we embark on this exciting journey with Shelfgram, our focus remains on delivering exceptional value to our clients. This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in retail insights.

    We invite you to explore the enhanced capabilities that this partnership brings. Dive into the combined power of Field Agent and Shelfgram, and discover how we can transform your retail strategy.

    Stay tuned here with Endcaps and Insights, and follow us on our social media channels for the latest updates and insights from this exciting new chapter.


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    Together, Field Agent and Shelfgram are set to redefine the future of retail analytics. Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of your retail operations.

    Visit us at Field Agent and explore Shelfgram's innovative platform to see how we're revolutionizing retail visibility together. To learn more about the acquisition, please read the press release here.


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    1. How will this acquisition impact current Field Agent customers?
    The acquisition of Shelfgram by Field Agent was completed to enhance your retail solutions experience — offering you more comprehensive insights and solutions in retail analytics. You will benefit from advanced AI technology and an expanded data pool, which means even richer, more actionable insights to optimize your retail operations.

    2. What do customers gain from this deal?
    As part of this acquisition, customers will gain access to Shelfgram's innovative virtual store-walk technology, coupled with Field Agent’s robust crowdsourcing capabilities. This integration will provide a seamless, 360-degree view of retail execution and shelf visibility, empowering you to make more informed decisions and enhance your competitive edge in the market.

    3. Will there be any changes to pricing or the products offered?
    We are committed to providing the highest value to our clients, and this acquisition will not immediately affect the current pricing structure of existing services. Any future changes will be designed to bring even more value to your current projects and subscriptions, with ample notice given to all our clients.

    4. Are my existing projects and subscription agreements still effective?
    Yes, all existing projects, subscriptions, and terms of service will remain in effect as per your agreement with Field Agent. 

    5. Will there be any changes in how I use Field Agent or Shelfgram services?
    You can continue using Field Agent and Shelfgram services as you have before. Over time, we’ll integrate these platforms to streamline your user experience, but we will ensure any changes are communicated clearly and that they enhance your workflow.

    6. What should I expect in terms of support during this transition?
    Our dedicated support teams from both Field Agent and Shelfgram are on hand to assist you through this transition. We’re committed to ensuring a smooth integration and will be providing continuous updates on what to expect and how to get the most out of our combined services.

    7. How will this acquisition affect the data privacy and security of my company’s information?
    Data privacy and security remain our top priority. The integration will uphold the strictest data protection standards, ensuring that your company's information is securely managed. The combined expertise of Field Agent and Shelfgram will only strengthen our commitment to protecting your data.


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