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    In the Bag: How RIND Racked Up New Customers [Case Study]

    Questions naturally arise for any brand expanding into new markets and stores...

    • What's the best way to drive first purchase with a new set of shoppers?
    • What will customers in this new market think of my product?
    • How do I generate word of mouth to encourage future sales?
    • How do I even know my product is on store shelves?

    They're questions Ben Cohn, co-founder of RIND Snacks, remembers well. "As our products became available at a new range of retailers across the country, we were looking for a way to sell at-retail to new people and check up on in-store availability,” Cohn recalled.


    The challenge was real.

    Cohn needed a simple, cost-effective, "local" method for driving trial, understanding shopper sentiment, verifying on-shelf availability, and generating positive word of mouth.

    Enter Digital Demo.

    Cohn simply logged on to the Field Agent retail-solutions platform, selected the Digital Demo product, and within minutes launched a campaign targeting specific, new markets.

    In a matter of days, customers were visiting stores across the country to purchase RIND products and check on-shelf availability. Sales and OSA—completely on-demand. 

    And the Digital Demo didn't stop there. RIND also received...

    • High-quality, customer-generated, online content
    • Positive word-of-mouth
    • Repurchase tracking

    One solution; multiple benefits. Fast, easy, local, affordable.

    That's Digital Demo. 

    Download the case study, "In the Bag: How RIND Racked Up New Customers," to learn more about Digital Demo and to see actual results from RIND's successful campaign. 

    Claim your copy of the free RIND case study

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