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    Display Gallery: The MVP Displays of FOOTBALL KICKOFF 2019

    Pass the chips. It’s football season!

    Each new football season is met with a deluge of spending as fans purchase food, snacks, and beverages to enhance their tailgate parties, backyard barbecues, and, of course, gameday TV binges.

    As football-viewers blitz stores this year to stock up on all the football fare, there’s a good chance they’ll come across one or more football-themed product displays. After all, the football-kickoff season is prime time for many categories, like salty snacks, beer, soda, cookies, hamburger buns, and the like.


    So, this weekend, Field Agent dispatched agents to 200 stores across almost 50 different grocery retailers where they took pictures of football-themed, grocery-product displays.

    Below we share some of the best football-kickoff displays in stores right now.


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    The Best Displays of Football Kickoff 2019


    MVP Football Kickoff Displays


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