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    Moms Unpack the Top CPG Brands Inside Diaper Bags [Survey]

    Sep 10, 2019 | Field Agent Mobile Research

    September has more births than any other month, which means more moms and dads are hauling diaper bags full of products to keep their babies happy, healthy, and full.

    We asked over 500 moms to unzip their young'uns' diaper bags and show us the name brand, packaged goods inside. And there were a lot: 99% of moms surveyed had at least one name brand CPG in their diaper bags (for the purposes of this survey, we excluded store brands).

    So, what name brand, CPG goods are moms toting in their diaper bags?

    We dug into lots of photos and data to find out.


    Unzipped: The CPG Brands of Diaper Bags


    Field Agent surveyed 503 moms about the name brand CPGs in their diaper bags. All participants were moms of children still in diapers, and all participants proved ownership of at least one dedicated diaper bag.

    We asked for photos of the outside, inside, and contents of each diaper bag. Take a peek inside these bags below:


    Diaper Bags - Agent Photos


    After inventorying their diaper bags, 59% of moms surveyed said they were carrying 1-5 name brand, packaged goods in their diaper bags, and another 34% were carrying 6-10 CPGs. Only 6% found more than 10 in their bags, and just 1% found none at all.

    As you'll see, these products cover a baby's every need, from cleaning to feeding to skin care.

    Below are the Top 50 CPG brands of diaper bags everywhere. Is your brand on the list?

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    Top 50+ Diaper Bag CPGs



    This list above offers several insights into the buying habits of parents (and the needs of their little ones).

    1. The winners in the diaper bag space are (surprise!) diapers. The four diaper brands represented in the top 50+ (Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, and the Honest Company, in that order) make up an impressive 643 mentions.
    2. The skin/lip care category came in at a close second (556 mentions), with 19 brands represented, the widest range of any category in the top 50+. From sunscreen to lip balm to anti-chafing cream, parents invest heavily in keeping their kiddos' skin (and maybe their own) healthy and beautiful.
    3. Even though we were always told it would spoil our appetites, the moms we surveyed like to keep a snack on hand, with 302 mentions of food brands in the top 50+. Fruit snacks, formula, and applesauce were all common mentions.
    4. Be prepared: the diaper bags we surveyed were stocked with 174 mentions of tissues, wet wipes, and other supplies to wipe any runny nose and clean up any messes. Thanks, Mom.


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