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    Holiday Insights Report 2017: An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas

    With the 2017 holiday shopping season almost upon us, companies everywhere are entertaining questions about shoppers and their holiday plans.

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    Some of their questions are a bit—if you will—old-fashioned:

    • What gifts do shoppers plan to buy?
    • Where do they plan to buy them?

    Other questions are newer in nature:

    • What gifts do shoppers expect to purchase online...and from which online retailers?
    • How will shoppers use mobile apps this holiday season?
    • Are they more or less likely to use in-store pickup during the holiday rush?
    • What role will showrooming and webrooming play this year?

    Yet all of these questions—new and old—are important.


    Holiday Insights Report: An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas


    Field Agent’s 2017 holiday report—An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas—is hardly your typical shopper insight report.

    It goes well beyond shopper’s purchase intentions—addressing the actual ways Americans say they go about holiday shopping in an increasingly digital, omnichannel age.

    The report merges the old and the new. Insights about online shopping and mobile apps are presented right alongside insights about brick-and-mortar retail.


    Encompassing 14,160 survey responses, Field Agent’s 2017 holiday report explores questions like:

    • Who will be the top retailers for holiday gifts, foods, and online purchases this year?
    • What gifts are shoppers most likely to purchase online?
    • How will shoppers use retailer-specific mobile apps this holiday season?
    • Are in-store pickup, showrooming, and webrooming prevalent during the holidays?
    • How much do shoppers expect to spend on spouses and kids…and what do they expect to buy for them?
    • What do men and women really want for Christmas 2017?


    From alcohol consumption to pet gifts, this free, professionally designed report has something for everyone. 

    An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas is sure to be a helpful companion to brands, retailers, and agencies this holiday shopping season...and well beyond. 

    Download the free 2017 Holiday Insights Report today!

    Holiday Report 2017 Download

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