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    Learn From the Best: How Top Brands Drive Trial

    Kraft Heinz. Anheuser-Busch. General Mills. They're household names, and industry titans.


    Between them, these companies have thousands of products on the market. One thing's certain: they know their way around product launches. But when it comes to driving trial, industry juggernauts face the same challenges as any other brand. Standing out from a shelf full of alternatives, getting the word out about a new product, sampling effectively... these are familiar problems to brands big and small.

    In our new guide, How Top Brands Drive Trial, we explore how each of these industry leaders use Digital Demo by Field Agent to solve a unique challenge in driving trial.

    • Kraft Heinz needed their new product to stand out on a crowded shelf.
    • Anheuser-Busch searched for a pandemic-proof alternative to traditional sampling programs.
    • General Mills wanted to spread the word about a unique new product.

    Three challenges. One solution. Learn from the best in our new guide, How Top Brands Drive Trial.

    Field Agent - How Top Brands Drive Trial Free Download

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