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    On Display: Target Unveils 'Hearth & Hand' Home Goods Brand [Video]

    Nov 7, 2017 | Field Agent
    Heart & Hand Display

    Chip and Joanna Gaines must be all smiles about now.


    They’re one of America’s favorite “sweetheart” couples.

    They have a hit show—Fixer Upper—on HGTV.

    Their faces grace the covers of magazines and books.


    And, now, they’re collaborating with Target on a new home goods collection: Hearth & Hand with Magnolia.


    Sights & Sounds from ‘Hearth & Hand’ Debut


    Target debuted this warm, earthy, Pier-1-escque private label this past Sunday.


    Heart & Hand Price Check

    To explore the new collection, Field Agent dispatched agents—all women between the ages of 35-54—to 12 different Super Targets where they captured images of Hearth & Hand displays and merchandise.


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    We also asked these women to share their thoughts about the Hearth & Hand collection. Scroll further down to see their initial reactions to the new Target label.


    Watch the video below to catch sights and sounds from the Hearth & Hand unveiling.



    We asked our group of shoppers what they think about Hearth & Hand displays and merchandise.


    Of the 12 women, all said the H&H displays were better—7 said “much better”—than other home goods displays they’ve encountered. Moreover, all but one said they were more likely to purchase H&H merchandise after shopping the displays.

    Heart & Hand Display

    Agents were also impressed with the merchandise itself. All 12 agents said Hearth & Hand is better—7 said “much better”—than other home goods brands.


    But will they buy it?



    In our select group of female shoppers, seven said they’re completely likely to purchase Hearth & Hand in the future, while two said they’re very likely and two moderately likely. Only one—citing prices—said she was “not very likely.”

     Hearth & Hand Agent Quote


    A successful debut, it appears, for Target’s new Hearth & Hand home goods collection.

    One more reason for Chip and Joanna to smile these days.

    And maybe Target, too.


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