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    Photo Gallery: Top 10 Easter Grocery Displays

    Bunnies are hopping and spring flowers are popping. Easter is nearly here.

    For many retailers and brands, the holiday is a key time to move candy and other treats. That's why brands pull out all the stops, placing their chocolate bunnies and eggs in some of the most dynamic and interesting displays of the year.

    We wanted to have a look at some of these displays. Using the Field Agent mobile platform, we dispatched a team of mobile shoppers (we call them agents) to photograph easter grocery displays across the country.

    Let's hop to it!



    Top 10: Favorite Easter Displays

    Easter Displays 2021 Hershey

    Jim J. spotted this Hershey display at his local Walmart in Roseville, MN. "This bright display caught my attention the most," he says. "I liked the colors and images!"


    Easter Displays 2021 Mars

    Who could miss this eye-catching M&Ms display? Not Kelsey S., who spotted it at a Walmart in Robinson, Illinois.


    Easter Displays 2021 Lindt and Sprungli

    Barbara C. of Battle Ground, Washington, was impressed by the design of this display. "The display setup was creative and different!" she says.


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    Easter Displays 2021 Kraft

    The pastel color palette and unique design makes this marshmallow display from Kraft's Jet-Puffed stand out from the crowd. AJ R. discovered it in Plymouth, MN.


    Easter Displays 2021 Lindt and Sprungli

    Who doesn't like chocolate bunnies? They caught Trevor P.'s eye on this Lindt display at an Atlanta Kroger.


    Easter Displays 2021 Hershey

    Faith D. only found one Easter display in her local Walmart, but as she says, "it was stocked well and very colorful!"


    Easter Displays 2021 General Mills

    It's not just candy on display this Easter. Ana G. found this display of Easter snacks from Annie's in Richmond TX. "I liked the look of the overall display!" she says.


    Easter Displays 2021 Hershey

    Jennifer T. found Easter in the cereal aisle at her local Kroger. The bright colors and fun shapes make it a seasonal standout!


    Easter Displays 2021 Mars

    Jean A found this attractive Dove display, full of dark chocolate bunnies, at her local Walmart.


    Easter Displays 2021 Hershey

    This funny Cadbury display caught Erin H.'s eye in Lakeland, Florida. "It had limited products," she says, "which made it less overwhelming and more interesting."


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