QuickShop: What Do Customers Think about Dollar General’s New DGX?

Dollar General operates a mind-blowing 13,320 stores across the United States.

But these days all eyes are on just two of them.

Dollar General's New Store: DGX Study Snapshot


A fixture of rural and small town America, Dollar General is currently experimenting with two new, prototype stores targeting “busy, metropolitan shoppers.” DGX, as the company is tentatively calling the store, caters to city-dwellers with a smaller, sleeker format and a larger assortment of quick, ready-to-consume foods and drinks. “Quick and easy,” the company calls it—and all at Dollar General prices.  


QuickShopping DGX


This weekend, mobile solutions firm Field Agent ran a 20-customer QuickShop of the two DGX locations—sending 11 shoppers to the Raleigh, North Carolina location and 9 shoppers to the DGX in Nashville, Tennessee.


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As shown in the video below, QuickShoppers toured their designated DGX, captured photos and video, and inspected the store’s ins-and-outs. QuickShops differ from conventional mystery shops in several important ways.

The video offers a glimpse into the study, but scroll further down to view the full results from the QuickShop...and to see what shoppers think about Dollar General’s foray into the big city.



As the results below show, QuickShoppers were overwhelmingly positive in their assessment of DGX. Overall, customers rated the store an impressive 4.8 out of 5. DGX also received high marks on ease and speed of shopping—which plays right into the company’s “quick and easy” mantra.



As a basic and early indication, the results from this QuickShop bode well for Dollar General as it seeks to extend its reach into high-volume, urban markets.


A Quick Look at QuickShops


QuickShops combine crowdsourcing and smartphone technology to offer companies a simpler, faster, more affordable alternative to traditional mystery shopping programs. With the QuickShop, it’s never been easier to experience your business operations and services from the customer’s point-of-view.

Learn more about QuickShops. Download the report below, and get an inside look at a QuickShop of 180 popular casual dining restaurants.

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