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    The #1 Reason Shoppers Don't Use Self-Checkout? 500 Women Surveyed 

    Self-checkout has truly become a staple of the grocery retail scene.  But what kind of experience does it offer grocery shoppers? Field Agent surveyed 500 women to answer this very question, and here we offer the results in 3 informative graphs. They're worth checking out. 

    To be sure, the checkout experience is a critical touchpoint with shoppers. As Larry Logan of Digimarc explained, “Checkout is the last opportunity a retailer has to make a positive impression on a shopper.”

    But what impression is self-checkout leaving with consumers?

    Field Agent recently surveyed 500 women to determine the positive and negative implications of the self-checkout process, from the customer's point of view. Here are the results in 3 informative graphs.

    Which of the following checkout processes do you use to purchase groceries? [GRAPH]

    Identify the primary reasons you use the self-checkout process when buying groceries. [CHART]

    Identify the primary reasons you do NOT use self-checkout more often when purchasing groceries. [GRAPH]

    Coming Soon: Groceries 2.0

    This special report from Field Agent will offer an in-depth look at how retailers are using new web-based methods to sell groceries to today's consumers. From customer reviews of Walmart's Grocery Pickup to shopper sentiment toward the latest "grocery tech," the report will provide insights based on surveys and shop-alongs with more than 500 consumers.

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