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    The Nutrition Facts: 2017 Healthy Living Series [Food & Beverage]

    Jan 12, 2017 | Field Agent Restaurants

    Download the third report, "The Nutrition Facts," in Field Agent's 2017 Healthy Living Series.


    One fateful tick of the clock and a brand new year arrives. Never does a single, fleeting moment hold more significance for food, beverage, and hospitality companies.

    For in that one moment, consumers' eating and drinking habits may change dramatically, as they reduce consumption of certain foods and beverages and increase their intake of others.

    All in the name of healthier living and fresh starts.Go Inside Stores [Agent Photo]


    To prepare companies for these changes, Field Agent recently surveyed U.S. adults by the thousands to understand their attitudes and behavioral intentions toward foods and beverages, dining-in and dining-out in the coming year. “The Nutrition Facts,” the third installment in Field Agent’s 2017 Healthy Living Series, is popping with delicious insights into all things nutrition. Insights like: 

    • The top retail destinations for purchasing healthy foods for healthy meals
    • The foods and beverages Americans plan to eat more and less of in 2017
    • The preferred fast food and casual dining restaurants for a healthy meal
    • The top diet programs among weight-conscious consumers
    • The kitchen appliances Americans intend to use more of in the new year

    These insights and more are available now, in Field Agent’s latest report, “The Nutrition Facts.”

    Download the Nutrition Facts: 2017 Healthy Living Series Report


    The 2017 Healthy Living Series encompasses five different parts, as follows:

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    The 2017 Healthy Living Series by Field Agent: Healthy Living, Healthy Business

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