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    The Ultimate Work Hack for In-Store Visibility: Field Agent’s API

    Life hacks are all the rage. From YouTube to Pinterest, you don’t have to search the web long to find someone offering a novel solution to an everyday problem.

    (By the way, thanks EglFan38 for that hack on opening bananas. I was doing it wrong.) 

    Isn’t it time though that we became more deliberate about making work easier and more productive?

    Isn’t it time someone got serious about developing work hacks?

    That’s exactly what we’ve done at Field Agent, with our new API solution.


    The Ultimate Work Hack for In-Store Visibility: Field Agent’s API


    For companies needing a steady diet of images and information from inside stores, Field Agent’s new API solution is poised to become an indispensable companion.

    Field Agent's API Dashboard

    Field Agent’s AP…what?

    API. It’s simply an electronic linkage that allows two distant information systems to interact with one another—to essentially speak the same language. In this way, an API, or application program interface, is a kind of bridge connecting two otherwise distant platforms.

    What does this mean for Field Agent’s clients, who need instant in-store visibility?

    It means they now have an “easy button.” A simple avenue—think carpool lane—for regularly obtaining in-store images and data directly through their own company's dashboard.

    Let us show you…


    How It Works: Field Agent API


    If you’re a retailer, supplier, agency, third-party merchandiser, or other party with a stake in what’s happening at-retail, you no doubt have occasions when you need to see in stores: to see the prices on products, the products on displays, the displays on the main floor, etc. And chances are, your dashboard—maybe like the one in the mock-up below—lets you know when such occasions arise, that is, when something isn’t right and you could use eyes-on certainty inside specific stores.

    This is where Field Agent’s API goes to work for you.

    With a click of the Field Agent API button on your dashboard, you can quickly and easily deploy 1, 10, 100 or more of our one million U.S.-based agents to any store flagged on your dashboard. One or more agents will then converge on the store to take pictures, answer questions, and, essentially, serve as your eyes and ears.


    Field Agent API Blog Dashboard

    By way of example, the dashboard above has identified a store in Wichita Falls, TX where sales are low, which could indicate one or more missing displays. One click of the Field Agent API button and a job becomes available for an agent to complete. That easy.

    Field Agent’s API solution lets you instantly launch jobs, collect responses, and close jobs directly through your platform. Resulting photos and information then conveniently appear on your company's dashboard, as seen in the example below.

     Field Agent API Dashboard

    It’s not just an integration of systems; it’s an integration of companies—an “always on” link to Field Agent and its robust mobile auditing platform.

    "We are excited about our API solution because it expands the horizons and capabilities of how our clients can interact with and utilize the data we provide,” said Michael Gaddy, Field Agent’s director of partnership development. “It’s been very rewarding to see the different ways our clients and partners have put our API to use."

    Your dashboard: It’s where you manage work, get results, and basically make your company go. Now your dashboard can do even more, with Field Agent’s API solution.

    Contact us today to learn more.

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