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    Rapid Response: What Customers Think about the New GNC


    GNC Rapid Response Agent Photo

    December 28, 2016: GNC closed its 4,464 stores nationwide to implement a series of changes to its U.S. business operations. The campaign, dubbed “One New GNC,” encompasses several changes, including a new rewards program, a redesigned mobile app, and a simplified pricing system with one-price-per-product across all retail channels and customers.GNC-RapidResponse-FieldAgent-Agent-Photo-2.jpg

    December 29, 2016: GNC reopens…and mobile solutions firm Field Agent jumps into action with a "rapid response" mystery shop of 52 newly revamped GNC stores.


    Below Field Agent presents a video glimpse into the study, and even further down we offer the complete GNC mystery shop results.

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    To participate, agents were required to prove their patronage to GNC with a photo of a Gold Card or GNC product. They were also required to submit proof of purchase ($5 or more) following the Mystery Shop.

    The full downloadable results from Field Agent’s Mystery Shop are available below:

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    All in all, 75% of mystery shoppers said they're more likely to shop at the new GNC following the makeover.

    A little good news for GNC at the beginning of 2017.


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