Delivering Results? Users Rate AmazonFresh Grocery Delivery [Video]

If Amazon winds up buying Whole Foods, the company will be acquiring more, potentially, than 460 upscale grocery stores.

It’ll be acquiring proximity

As in proximity—think, within 10 miles—to roughly 80% of the U.S. population and 95% of all Prime members.


In the hands of Amazon’s grocery delivery service, AmazonFresh, Whole Foods may become much more than readily meets the eye. The 460-plus U.S. stores could become active hubs for moving groceries—even of the frozen, chilled, fresh, and/or perishable varieties—to homes across the country.

Soon, AmazonFresh may get a bigger stage. But is the grocery delivery service ready for it?


Is AmazonFresh Delivering Results?


Field Agent recently conducted an in-depth analysis of the AmazonFresh user experience. We enlisted 20 agents to purchase at least $10 of groceries, including chilled and fresh items, from AmazonFresh for delivery to their respective homes.

Agents were then asked to share their thoughts about the grocery delivery service—namely, their attitudes toward the (a) online shopping experience, (b) delivery service, and (c) merchandise.

Below we offer the full results from this study.

The video immediately below takes you inside the study, as agents “untote” their AmazonFresh orders.


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Here are the full results from our 20-agent AmazonFresh study for you to view, download, and share.




Unpacking the Results: What We Learned?


AmazonFresh Delivery Packages

Results from this user-experience study were largely encouraging for Amazon and its grocery delivery service. Users' free form descriptions and reviews were overwhelmingly positive. 

Participants indicated they particularly like the ease, convenience, and speed of AmazonFresh grocery delivery. Indeed, more than half of first-time users said they're highly likely to use the service again.

It is perhaps noteworthy, however, that only 7 of 12 new users preferred AmazonFresh over traditional, brick-and-mortar grocery stores. But since this was an in-depth, qualitative analysis with a purposefully small sample, we shouldn't draw conclusions about the repeat intentions of new AmazonFresh customers.      


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