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    Gift Wishes 2017: What Men REALLY Want for Christmas

    Nov 2, 2017 | Field Agent

    Yesterday, Field Agent shared women's top holiday gift wishes.

    Now it’s the men’s turn.


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    You won’t find apparel—#1 among women’s general gift wishes—on our list of “what men really want for Christmas.” Nor will you see kitchenware, good enough for third with the women we surveyed.    

    Yet men, unlike women, made room on their wishlists for video game consoles, firearms, and speakers.

    And if you’re searching for an experience to give the men in your life, the guys in our survey were more likely than the gals to ask for sports tickets. Women preferred travel/trips.  


    What Do Men Want for Christmas?


    As with the women, Field Agent surveyed over 1,000 men for this effort. We asked, “What, more than anything else, do you want for Christmas this year?”

    Because some respondents were more specific than others, Field Agent aggregated the results at both general and specific levels. Among gifts men mentioned specifically by brand name, Xbox One, iPhone X, PlayStation 4, Amazon gift card, and Apple Watch were cited most frequently. 

    But, like the women, most men phrased their gift wishes broadly, not mentioning brand names. 

    Below we offer the most popular, general gift wishes among men for Christmas 2017. 

    This information originally appeared in our popular 2017 holiday insights report, “An Old-Fashioned, Omnichannel Christmas.” Download your free copy today.


    Men's Wishes - 2017 Christmas Wishlist


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