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    Go Behind the Scenes with Mobile Audits and Research [Free Resources]

    Mobile Audits and Research are changing the way the world collects business information and consumer insights.

    But just how exactly do they work?

    Both utilize crowdsourcing and smartphone technology, but for different ends.

    Mobile Audits go inside stores and many other locations to collect photos, video, and information, offering businesses instant visibility in distant places and a fast, affordable way to verify plans are being carried out correctly.

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    Mobile Research, on the other hand, goes on-location with consumers wherever they are—in stores, at home, or practically anywhere else—to collect in-the-moment insights more quickly and economically than traditional market research methods.

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    Want to see how they actually work?

    We’re excited to offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into both Mobile Audits and Research. Download either resource in our "How it Works" series to learn more about their capabilities.  

    Inside both downloads you'll discover:

    • The benefits of Mobile Audits and Research 
    • Actual images and results from mobile projects
    • Common questions posed in mobile studies

    So see "How it Works," and download one or both free resources today.

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