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    The Omni-Channel Scene: Inside 5 Innovative Retail Services [Videos]

    Omni, derived from the Latin meaning “all.”

    As in, “I spend all my time wondering how to best compete in this new omni-channel world,” or “I find it difficult to make sense of all these new omni-channel developments around me.” 

    Omni-channel is quickly becoming the new standard for winning at retail, as shoppers become increasingly impatient with disjointed retail channels.

    Today’s shoppers expect retailers to offer integrated in-store, online, and mobile operations. In essence, they expect omni-channel retailers for their multi-faceted lives.


    On-Location with Omni Happenings 


    But as more retailers enter or expand more deeply into this brave, new world, the question is:

    Who can really keep up with all the omni-channel developments?


    With more than 650,000 Agents nationwide, Field Agent enjoys a unique vantage point for observing the latest omni-channel happenings. Basically, we can be anywhere—in stores, at computers—where shoppers are using new omni-channel services.


    To demonstrate, over the past several months we’ve tasked Agents with documenting their experiences with several different omni-channel experiences, including:

    • Walmart Pickup
    • Amazon Books (Seattle, WA)
    • Target - Instacart Home Delivery
    • Best Buy Click-and-Collect
    • Hannaford Grocery Pickup

    Below are some of the sights and sounds from these studies, along with sample insights. 

    For a deeper look at the results, download the report “Mobile Research: Your Omni-Present Solution for Omni-Channel Operations.”


    Walmart Pickup Experience



    Field Agent recruited just under 40 Agents to shop for groceries on the Walmart Pickup website, make a purchase of at least $20, and then retrieve the groceries from one of Walmart’s dedicated pickup sites.

    Sample Insight: Following their Walmart Pickup experience, fully 70% of shoppers said they’re either completely or very likely to use the service again.


    Amazon Books Experience



    10 Seattle-based Agents were dispatched to the new Amazon Books to shop the bookstore, shoot video and take pictures, and share their thoughts about Amazon’s first brick-and-mortar storefront. Agents were required to make a purchase of at least $10.

    Sample Insight: Compared to large specialty bookstore chains like Barnes & Noble, shoppers said Amazon Books is better at information/reviews (70%), price (70%), and organization/layout of books (70%).

    Get the full report for even more results.


    Target - Instacart Home Delivery Experience


    Field Agent enlisted 10 Agents to purchase at least $20 worth of groceries from Target for home delivery through the Instacart service.

    Sample Insight: 70% said it to took less time to receive their orders through the Instacart service than expected.


    Best Buy Click-and-Collect Experience



    Field Agent asked 3 Agents to make a purchase on the Best Buy website, for pick up at their local Best Buy store.

    We also surveyed 200 click-and-collect customers about their attitudes toward the service in general. These were not Best Buy customers, but shoppers who have used a click-and-collect service in the past.  

    Sample Insight from the Survey: At 73%, electronics were the most popular click-and-collect product category, followed by clothing at 49%.

    Get the full report for even more results.


    Hannaford Grocery Pickup Experience



    Field Agent also deployed 5 Agents to regional grocery chain Hannaford, to check out their new grocery pickup service. Agents were required to make a purchase of at least $10.

    Sample Insight: All 5 shoppers said they’d rather purchase the same order through the Hannaford to Go service than a brick-and-mortar store.


    Your Omni-Channel Solution

    With Field Agent, you have “eyes and ears” practically anywhere, ready to observe the latest omni-channel developments. Learn more about these capabilities in our latest report, “Mobile Research: Your Omni-Present Solution for Omni-Channel Operations.”

    This report also includes a fuller detailing of the results from our omni-channel studies above.

    Get a Handle on Omni-Channel, Download Report

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    Your all-in-one
    retail toolkit.

    That's the Field Agent Marketplace.

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