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    Guidebook: 9 Coronavirus Challenges At-Retail…and How to Overcome Them

    In COVID-19, the retail industry is witnessing a perfect storm of circumstances:

    • Restricted retail activity
    • Cautious shoppers
    • Overwhelmed supply chains
    • Runs on essential goods
    • Long-run uncertainty

    As a result, companies across our industry are now dealing with a variety of daunting challenges—challenges that will both test us and make us better.


    Based on conversations with retail companies, the free guidebook below, “9 Coronavirus Challenges At-Retail…and How to Overcome Them,” offers a quick problem-and-solution discussion about retail in the age of coronavirus.

    In wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Field Agent on-demand platform is taking simultaneous steps to safeguard its agents in the field and, as detailed in the guidebook, help businesses confront the challenges they're facing...head-on.

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    Field Agent is Standing By


    The spread of COVID-19 will present challenges to companies everywhere. But you have an ally in the Field Agent on-demand platform. 

    With over two million agents around the world, including more than one million in the United States, the Field Agent platform is standing by to help companies surmount the obstacles before them.

    Broadly speaking, solutions available through the Field Agent platform include:

    • Retail visibility and auditing
    • Digital product demos
    • Ratings and reviews
    • Mystery shopping
    • Shopper insights

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