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    How Brands Win Online: 10 Tips for Better Ecommerce Product Pages

    Oct 11, 2021 | Field Agent Omnichannel

    It's where so many sales happen in the digital age. The product detail page (PDP).

    Today, even high-volume CPG categories have to make sure their PDPs are doing what they should: converting shoppers into buyers. Like clockwork. 

    So what's a brand to do? How can CPG companies make their PDPs airtight?

    How to Build Ecommerce Product Pages that Win Sales, a free guidebook from Field Agent, is specifically designed to help CPG professionals think strategically, accurately, and opportunistically about their ecommerce product pages.

    The guidebook discusses 10 expert insights for optimizing product pages, including:

    • No two ecomm platforms are alike
    • Carefully balance SEO and engagement
    • Stand out from others selling your product
    • Manage the whole portfolio

    We really called in the experts for this resource. Our friends at OneStone and SKU Ninja, two ecommerce agencies with deep knowledge on PDPs, lent their expertise to the pages.

    So take your brand's PDPs to the next level. Download the free guidebook today.

    Grow Your Ecommerce Sales with Field Agent's Free Guidebook  



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