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    The Right Combination? Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods [Video]

    It’s arguably the most concrete manifestation, so far, of the Amazon era at Whole Foods Market: those conspicuous, sleek-looking lockers where Amazon.com customers can opt to receive their packages, thus affording a convenient alternative to front-door delivery and its security and quality concerns.

    Photos - Amazon Locker at Whole Foods

    And bonus for Amazon: The lockers give online patrons a reason to go offline and visit Whole Foods where…“oh yeah, I need to pick up milk and vitamins while I’m here.” The word “synergy” comes to mind.


    But what, may we ask, do actual users make of Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods?


    Video: Shopper Perspectives on Amazon Lockers


    Field Agent recently asked 20 shoppers to make purchases at Amazon.com, which they then designated for delivery to an Amazon Locker inside a Whole Foods Market.

    As the video below depicts, while in-store these agents captured video, snapped pictures, and shared their thoughts about the experience. They also rated Amazon Lockers on several dimensions—from the online-shopping experience to the pickup site itself.

    The full results from this Field Agent study are available in our special report, “The Digital Shopper: Insights into Today’s Most ‘Connected’ Customers.” You can now download your free copy.


    Download our latest report, The Digital Shopper: Insights into Today's Most  'Connected' Customers  

    Take a look at the video below, and witness the shopper's perspective on Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods. 


    Special Report: The Digital Shopper


    Based on studies with thousands of shoppers, Field Agent’s special report, “The Digital Shopper: Insights into Today’s Most ‘Connected’ Customers,” offers companies an inside, shopper-centered look at online retail. Special features include:

    • The digital shopper’s journey: before, during, and after shopping for groceries online
    • Shoppers try and rate Instacart delivery
    • The product detail page: a shopper-guided tour
    • Shoppers compare PDPs on Walmart.com VS Amazon.com
    • Shoppers try and rate Amazon Lockers at Whole Foods Market

    Best of all, the report is free.


    Click to Download The Digital Shopper: Insights into Today's Most 'Connected' Customers

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