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    Shopper Video: How Has Coronavirus Changed Your Daily Life?

    The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent spread is altering the very fabric of life in America and around the world, including how people work, shop, and play.

    With more than two million agents around the world, we at Field Agent are carefully monitoring how the pandemic is affecting the lives of our most valuable asset: the hardworking men and women in the field, the agents themselves. We're consistently seeking to understand their daily challenges, and how we can continue to play a role in helping them through the COVID-19 crisis.

    Agents are telling us that in-store audits, digital product demos, ratings and reviews, mystery shops, and shopper research through the Field Agent platform continue to provide a crucial source of fast, flexible income for them.

    In many cases, now more than ever.


    This weekend we asked agents to describe specific ways the coronavirus is impacting their work, shopping, and agent activity.

    The video below offers a glimpse into the lives of agents in the wake of the pandemic. These are the everyday shoppers who power the Field Agent platform day in and day out.


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