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    Stocking Stuffer & Consumer Insight Surprises

    Dec 24, 2014 | Field Agent Mobile Research


    2 Turtle Doves… as in Dove chocolate?

    Christmas isn’t complete with just gifts under the tree. Stockings are a favorite among some American homes. It’s like a bonus gift that you almost forget about after you’ve opened all of your large gifts. Sometimes the smaller gifts can be the most treasured ones.

    But, what are common stocking stuffers that children are likely to get? Field Agent recently surveyed 333 parents with children living at home about what they usually buy at Christmastime for stocking stuffers.


    Are Stockings Still on the Mantels in American Homes?

    A stocking is a very common and traditional piece of decoration during Christmastime. Some families might hang them, but does every family fill them? According to our survey, almost everyone does.

    94% of households hang and fill stockings at Christmastime.


    What’s the value inside most stockings?

    As stated in a previous post, Kids’ Christmas wishes: What they want…and what they’ll actually get,” parents spend about $200 on each child for Christmas gifts.

    But how much exactly do they spend on that one stocking? The majority (51%) spends between $10-25, while 24% spend between $26-50. The amount parents spend largely depends on what they’re planning to put in their children’s stockings.

    How much do you generally spend to fill your children's stockings? [GRAPH]


    Common Fillers Parents Buy

    So, what are the most common gifts in those small – or large – stockings? Out of 12 choices, candy was the clear winner that fills these stockings. 79% of parents will fill these stockings with candy, while 73% will buy small toys. Arts, crafts and creative items came in third with 51% of parents planning to buy crayons, stickers, stationery items, etc. The full list is as follows:

    1. Candy
    2. Small toys
    3. Art/Craft/Creative
    4. Entertainment (movies, books)
    5. Cosmetics/Toiletries
    6. Gift Cards
    7. Jewelry/Accessories
    8. Packaged Snacks
    9. Underwear
    10. Cash
    11. Fruit
    12. Baked Goods


    Turtle doves or Candy Canes?

    Field Agent wanted to go even further and ask what types of candies win the candy war on best stocking stuffers? As chocolate was a winner in our Halloween survey, it’s also the clear winner in the stocking stuffer contest.

    81% of parents will fill their children’s stockings with chocolate. Soft, chewy candy didn’t even come close at 46%. Hard candy closely followed at 44%. Gum and mints rounded out the rest of the list.


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